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In the Iron Qube XXL, more than 17 stations await the clients, including dip station, abdominal muscle station including wall ball, variable chin-up station, variable push-up unit, human flag, dumbbell rotation station, cables (2x), steppers (2x), monkey bars, chin-up grips, punch bag holder, wall ball station, 20 anchoring points for additional training devices, and storage for various accessories. With a surface area of 57 m², the Iron Qube XXL is the largest training station in the Qube series, and in return it provides space for 24 clients.

Olympic bar and punch bag not included.

Device dimensions
Body area

Height: 2945 mm
Width: 5480 mm
Length: 10470 mm 

Upper body
Lower body

Total weight
Standard Weight block
2260 kg
85 kg

Our general terms of payment and delivery apply. These can be viewed at gym80.de.