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Body area: Upper body Core Lower body

Device measurements (H x B x L in mm): 2305 x

1761 x


Total weight (in kg): 205

We’ve added some additional training options to the classic, compact Half Rack. You have two different handles for pull-ups and the possibility to attach elastic bands, on the pins provided for this purpose. Thus, you can progress each exercise. The high-quality and extremely stable Half Rack allows you to safely and effectively perform simple squat and bench press exercises, as well as more complex related exercises. The height-adjustable safety arms provide safety during any exercise. The barbell rack is variable in height so you can pick up and put down the weight comfortably and safely. Three additional pins on each side allow you to use elastic bands to increase intensity and change the load curve. In addition, there are storage options for bars and discs directly on the Half Rack.

The Olympic bar and discs are not included, but can be purchased separately.

Accessories not included.

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