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technical revolution

Besides the well-known benefits of the PURE KRAFT line,
the PURE KRAFT-NO BULLSHIT. Line is equipped with a
unique and patented mechanism; the Load Drop mechanism!
This technical revolution allows training with drop sets
as well as sets with different inertia (acceleration of the
load). The user doesn‘t need to change position, and also
doesn‘t need help from a training partner. There is no training
break, so that the maximum training effect can be

By activating the release mechanism, the training weight
moves in the direction of the rotation axis. The user does
not have to leave his position. The weight change of about
30% takes only a few seconds and allows training until
muscle failure. If the weight is positioned closer to the
rotation axis from the beginning, sets with higher load at
lower inertia or even explosive repetitions to optimize the
explosive strength can be done.
Depending on the machine model, the machines have an
adjustable backrest, an adjustable seat and adjustable
shoulder and leg pads in order to be able to always assume
an optimal training position. Extra long and thick
grips allow an optimal pressure, perfect angles and reduce
stress on the wrists. The entry aids help to find the optimal
starting position and make an eccentric movement
at the beginning of a set possible.
Built in the usual gym80 quality „Made in Germany“,
from 4mm thick oval tube. Unique, indestructible and incomparable! 


You want to know more?

download the PUREKRAFT Magazine here