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The PURE KRAFT Plate Loaded machines combine free weight training with original machine training as well as the best biomechanics. Eccentric or ingenious lever arm changes cause a change of the resistance curve, which approaches the strength curve of the user. Thus it is possible to achieve a constant load and overloading of the muscle over the full movement amplitude and to stimulate it optimally.

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Our PURE KRAFT series has a very special “heraldic animal” that you’re sure to already have noticed. Maybe it isn’t quite clear at first glance why we’ve chosen an ant as our emblem. Ultimately, PURE KRAFT – and not just this, but also generally at gym80 – is all about becoming strong and exceeding your limits. Wouldn’t a gorilla, a lion or a bull be a better choice here? We admit, that was of course our first instinct.




But then we thought about it a bit more, and we came up with the ant idea. Compared to humans, ants can lift many times their own body weight. Depending on the species – and it’s assumed that there around 15,000 species in the world – the insect can move 40, 70 and even 100 times its own weight. If this were a human, they would be able to transport a weight of 4 tons with their own body strength. So you can clearly understand why this little creature is far superior in terms of strength, and why it’s perfect as a symbol of strength in its purest form.

ABut there’s more. These insects are perfectly organised into a large social community – each individual has their own role, which it fulfils with tremendous zeal. This makes ants strong not just individually, but also as a community. And this is precisely what we’d like to invite you to do too: become part of the PURE KRAFT community and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Find out the latest news about everything that gives us strength, discuss ideas and swap stories with others!





If weight training didn’t exist, we would both have invented it.

We knew early on that we simply had to do it: train so insanely hard that we would at some point have to set up our own gym. Nobody else would have coped with us.
Nobody else would have understood it. Nobody else could understand why the repetitions only start to count after muscle failure.

And that’s how it happened … after 18 years of training, competitions and injuries, Andi had put together the heaviest, most brutal and cruellest equipment there is for strength training.

We amplified this with our expertise, which we’d amassed over the years through study, courses, seminars, books, podcasts, trying and failing, trying again, conversations and competitions.

This history is reflected in our gym:
motivational videos everywhere, even in the toilets. Terminator sculptures. Our own library with around 700 books. Hundreds of posters of Schwarzenegger and Stallone. Home-made food. A video wall that’s seven metres in diameter. And of course the strongest men and women surrounded by Austria’s biggest and craziest set of equipment!

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