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This is all us. And more.


The gym80 patented oval tube is legendary. Often copied, but never equalled.

The gym80 STANDARD series has everything you need to equip your strength training area with the basics. We have a wide selection of guided weight stack machines for all muscle groups and for every application, developed with a keen eye on quality, functionality, safety and training comfort. This series is ideal for everyone from beginners and more advanced users to professionals and impresses with its perfect biomechanics, optimised resistance curves, custom-adjustability and highest-quality materials. The gym80 STANDARD training experience guarantees the best possible training results!


The Unibank is one of the most original training tools.

As an add-on to the gym80 STANDARD series, you will find a wide range of benches, stations and rests in the gym80 BASIC series. All benches and stations are developed with maximum resilience and functionality. Adjustment options and ergonomics can accommodate every wish for customisation and functionality. The gym80 BASIC series is a must-have for every training area!


Ideal for compensating any physical dysbalances.

The equipment in the gym80 DUAL series is virtually unsurpassed in terms of its precision. All machines have load and strength arms that are independent of each other. The movement trajectories converge or diverge, ensuring the best possible movement process and maximum length of movement. The complex design of all of the equipment results in perfect biomechanics, optimised resistance curves, customisable adjustability and superlative functionality. All of the upper body models in this series have easy entry. This makes it easier for you both to step into the equipment and to finish your training set – for an excellent all-round training experience.


Dr. Gottlob from the Gottlob Institute played a vital role during development.

The 5 models in the gym80 INNOVATION series add the finishing touch to the weight stack machines. INNOVATION trains complex areas of muscle that work together in the natural context of movement. The interacting muscle chains are activated through this muscle loop training. They learn how to act as a single unit. The equipment in the gym80 INNOVATION series delivers new stimulus for your training. Materials, functionality and adjustability with the quality you expect. The perfect biomechanics coupled with effective load profiles ensure unique training experiences and results.


Over 100 exercises on just 6 stations.

The 6 models in the gym80 CABLE ART series are cable pull-guided training stations with a variety of functions and options for use. All stations in the gym80 CABLE ART series feature numerous potential uses. Two freely mobile, ball bearing-supported cable pull elements and two independent weight blocks allow you to create personalised training stimuli. The stations can be lined up next to each other to save space and be used as a strength sports circuit, or used individually. The training is very challenging, personal and functional at the same time. You can customise not only the load, but also the movement sequence and its direction in your training.


gym80 is a pioneer and built the first IRON QUBE 15 years ago.

The gym80 FUNCTIONAL range extends from functional individual stations such as the Bootymizer to extensive installations from the IRON QUBE series, featuring a comprehensive array of functional training stations. During development, particular attention was paid to functionality, versatility and individuality. The highest-quality materials coupled with smart solutions. Functional training is simple and highly complex at the same time – our gym80 FUNCTIONAL range serves precisely this demand. Here is where you’re sure to find the right equipment for your functional space.


The right grip can make all the difference when it comes to the right training.

Our choice of accessories and equipment is extensive. Dumbbells, bars, discs, grips and so much more can be found here, along with a wide selection of accessories and smaller equipment. You can choose from our wide gym80 EQUIPMENT range in order to add to your training area or complete it. Get to know more about the diversity and quality of gym80 equipment today.