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“The new generation of gym80’s software solution offers much more than administration and documentation, it is about communication. This communication is embodied by many points of intersections. It doesn’t just set new standards – it also needs new standards. Gym80 has taken on this challenge: the gym80 software connects not only our equipment, but also already existing equipment can be integrated in a fully new digital training space. This creates a training documentation without holes. This interconnection is not only important for the coach, who can follow digitally and in real time the training progress and is thereby able to support and motivate at all times, but also for the person who does the exercise, he can ask for the coach at any time.”

Arie van Winkelhof, Managing Director of gym80.


The latest-generation gym80 software.

Training software is good and useful nowadays if it can do more than managing and documenting, if it can create links. Computers with equipment, equipment with clients, clients with trainers, trainers with gym managers, gym managers with clients – in other words: it has to link all of the people involved with a gym. Just like the latest-generation gym80 software. It also offers apps for targeted customer dialogue. It was created in collaboration with our strategic partners aktivKONZEPTE AG. Fitness studios and rehabilitation centers, physiotherapists and trainers can all benefit from it. The gym80 software can also transform your existing equipment into a fully digital training zone.

The gym80 software ensures seamless training documentation. This creates the perfect summary for more than just your gym. This is also a key factor for clients since comprehensive training documentation is often a prerequisite for the receipt of subsidies from health insurance companies for health rewards programs.



As an application, software solution or in the equipment, the digital gym80 standard is 5.2.


1. The TrainerPoint

The core of the new gym80-software is called TrainerPoint. This is where customer data is managed, and individual training plans and performance tests are created. Training objectives and progress are continuously updated and can be checked at any time by the trainer or therapist. This detailed view of each individual member’s training records helps fitness center operators to support their members more effectively. A wide range of additional analyses can be run on the entire data pool to draw some general conclusions.


2. The WorkoutPoint

Small computers at each machine support members during their workout. The WorkoutPoint provides users with all the key parameters. During the workout, the monitors ensure optimal movement control. You need to successfully complete the exercises before moving on to the next machine. Experienced users can adjust their training settings themselves after activation at the WorkoutPoint or ServicePoint. 


3. The ExercicePoint

Optimal whole-body training also includes exercises without machines. After logging in, the user can choose between two alternatives: A guided workout, where a virtual model on the monitor demonstrates the precise motion sequence and the user copies the exercise at the same pace and level. Or unguided training, where the user looks at pictures, watches a video or reads a text to find out what he or she needs to do and then performs the exercises independently, away from the ExercisePoint. On completion of the exercises, the user can confirm that he or she has achieved the specified results.


4. The GroupPoint

GroupPoint allows members to access details of courses, register and then evaluate the courses and trainers. WebPoint even allows members to access course information and sign up from home or the office. The trainer receives an overview of the number of participants and can plan the content and bill the course. It allows operators to check the bills submitted by their trainers. They receive comprehensive information, including details of course uptake, evaluation and more. The feedback option helps operators to improve their offering and boost customer loyalty. 


5. The ServicePoint

The ServicePoint opens a new world of exercise for visitors to fitness centers or medical facilities. It allows users to independently check their latest training results, their progress and details of their current training plans. Users simply need to register to access a wide range of personal information. An integrated messaging system allows members to contact each other or to receive information from their trainer, the center management or physiotherapists. Intuitive operation via touchscreen.


6. The InfoPoint

The InfoPoint allows a fitness center or rehabilitation facility to give their members the option of drawing up their own training plans without additional input from a trainer. The user creates his or her own training plan. Selected customers can therefore be given greater freedom to design their training activities, while others can rely on proven training plan templates. The InfoPoint caters for the needs of independent customers, reduces the trainer’s workload and provides greater support for inexperienced users.


7. The MobilePoint

Trainers need to have a view of events in all areas of the facility. The MobilePoint, as the mobile management center of the gym80 Software, enables the trainer to be reachable at any time and in any place by the trainer call function. The trainer has direct access to all master data and training data of his customers with a mobile terminal (Smartphone, tablet etc.) which can generate and edit workout plans directly on the training floor. The working time of the trainer at the desk is reduced, but his presence on the training floor as contact person for the members maximized. 


8. The WebPoint

Users can access the ServicePoint from home or the office via the Internet. They can view their training plans and journals, as well as information about individual exercises. The WebPoint also allows members to send messages to trainers and other users. They can even send and receive messages outside the fitness center. Simultaneous operation of the GroupPoint allows members to find out about courses and sign up. 


App in customer dialogue.

With ‘mySTUDIO’, you can present news and session schedules, showcase a studio gallery, send push messages and even create your own content. Your clients can download the free apps onto their smartphone or tablet and are always kept up to date. With ‘myTRAINING’, your members can view their training plans at any time and look at individual exercises. Trainers can in turn update, adapt and evaluate the programmes at any time. The app therefore allows intensive contact with members even during months when visitor numbers are low.


9. Der ParcoursPoint

The ParcoursPoint is the functional expansion of the 4E training series and enables a time-synchronized training plan. The gym80 software allows you to easily control the client's rest and exercise periods on the 4E equipment in a synchronized and direct way. Via this software, the ParcoursPoint enables a scheduled switch, for example at peak times, between conventional personal training and parcours training on the 4E equipment. 


10. Der ForcePoint

We're working on the ForcePoint with high pressure. Soon more information will follow.  


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